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More riders means better data, and Moovit has more riders than any other app in the world. Download Moovit today and join millions of people enjoying smoother journeys on transit. This is public transportation, perfected by the public.


When You Need Directions

Live Directions

GPS for Transit. Step-by-step guidance from A to B

Get Off Alerts

Automatic notifications so you never miss a stop

Favorite Locations

Get 1-Tap directions to your most traveled places

When You Need Info on Nearby Transit

Real Time Status

Know when you actually need to be at the station

Nearby Stations

View all lines running at stations around you

Train & Subway Stations

Get all the crucial info you need, like platforms, schedules, & last ride of the night

When You Need Info on a Certain Line

Line Schedules & Maps

View times, stations, routes, and even download maps for offline use

Service Alerts

Check transit like you check the weather and know about issues ahead of time

Favorite Lines

Store your most used lines for quick & easy access

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“[Moovit] takes a lot of the headache out of navigating public transportation”


“The one person, one car world
isn’t sustainable”


“Moovit Helps You Master Public Transit in Any City, at Home or Abroad”