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Bus - 212

212 Line

212 Sunset Westbound


RTCSNV 212 bus Route Schedule and Stops (Updated)

The 212 bus (212 Sunset Westbound) has 72 stops departing from Wb Sunset After Pabco and ending at Eb Sunset After Fort Apache.

Choose any of the 212 bus stops below to find updated real-time schedules and to see their route map.

Direction: 212 Sunset Westbound (72 stops)

  • Wb Sunset After Pabco

  • Wb Sunset Before Haren

  • Wb Sunset After Moser

  • Wb Sunset After Ward

  • Nb Boulder After Sunset

  • Wb Galleria After Boulder

  • Wb Galleria Before Middlegate

  • Sb Gibson After Galleria

  • Sb Gibson Before Caption

  • Wb Sunset After Gibson

  • Wb Sunset Before Marks

  • Wb Sunset After Marks

  • Wb Sunset After Stephanie

  • Wb Sunset After Whitney Ranch

  • Wb Sunset After Arroyo Grande

  • Nb Sunset After Scimitar

  • Nb Sunset After Valle Verde

  • Wb Sunset After Mountain Vista

  • Wb Sunset After Athenian

  • Wb Sunset After Green Valley

  • Wb Sunset After Annie Oakley

  • Wb Sunset After Sandhill

  • Wb Sunset Before Pecos

  • Wb Sunset After Pecos

  • Wb Sunset After Sunset Corporate

  • Wb Sunset After Mcleod

  • Wb Sunset After Eastern

  • Wb Sunset After Spencer

  • Wb Sunset After Escondido

  • Wb Sunset After Paradise

  • Wb Sunset Before Bermuda

  • Sb Gilespie After Sunset

  • South Strip Transit Terminal Bay 6

  • Nb Gilespie Before Via Antonio

  • Wb Sunset After Las Vegas

  • Wb Sunset Before Polaris

  • Wb Sunset After Valley View

  • Wb Sunset Before Hinson

  • Wb Sunset After Arville

  • Sb Decatur After Sunset

  • Wb Badura After Decatur

  • Wb Badura Before Edmond

  • Wb Badura After Lindell

  • Wb Badura Before Jones

  • Sb Jones After Arby

  • Wb Warm Springs After Jones

  • Wb Warm Springs After Torrey Pines

  • Wb Warm Springs Before Redwood

  • Nb Rainbow After Warm Springs

  • Wb Badura After Rainbow

  • Wb Badura After Montessouri

  • Sb Tenaya After Badura

  • Wb Warm Springs After Tenaya

  • Wb Warm Springs After Buffalo

  • Wb Warm Springs After Myers

  • Wb Warm Springs After Cimarron

  • Wb Warm Springs After Gagnier

  • Nb Durango After Warm Springs

  • Nb Durango Before Badura

  • Nb Durango After Maule

  • Wb Sunset After Durango

  • Wb Sunset After Riley

  • Wb Sunset After Medical Center

  • Sb Fort Apache After Sunset

  • Sb Fort Apache After Martin

  • Wb Maule After Fort Apache

  • Wb Maule After Pearland

  • Nb Grand Canyon After Maule

  • Nb Grand Canyon After Ziegler

  • Eb Sunset After Grand Canyon

  • Eb Sunset After Fort Bend

  • Eb Sunset After Fort Apache

212 FAQ

  • What time does the 212 bus start operating?

    Services on the 212 bus start at 12:45 AM on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

  • What time does the 212 bus stop working?

    Services on the 212 bus stop at 11:53 PM on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

  • What time does the 212 bus arrive?

    When does the 212 Sunset Westbound Bus line come? Check Live Arrival Times for live arrival times and to see the full schedule for the 212 Sunset Westbound Bus line that is closest to your location.

  • How much is the 212 (212 Sunset Westbound) bus fare?

    The 212 Sunset Westbound (212 Sunset Westbound) bus fare is about $2.00.

  • Does the RTCSNV 212 bus line run on Memorial Day?

    The 212 bus's operating hours on Memorial Day may change. Check the Moovit app for latest changes and live updates.

  • Is there a 212 bus stop near me?

    Click here to view the nearest 212 bus stop.

212 bus Schedule

212 bus route operates everyday. Regular schedule hours: 12:45 AM - 11:53 PM

DayOperating HoursFrequency (min)
Sun12:45 AM - 11:53 PM39 - 60
Mon12:45 AM - 11:53 PM39 - 60
Tue12:45 AM - 11:53 PM30 - 53
Wed12:45 AM - 11:53 PM30 - 53
Thu12:45 AM - 11:53 PM30 - 53
Fri12:45 AM - 11:53 PM30 - 53
Sat12:45 AM - 11:53 PM30 - 52

RTCSNV bus Service Alerts

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212 line bus fare

RTCSNV 212 (212 Sunset Westbound) ride fare is about $2.00. Prices may change based on several factors. For more information about RTCSNV’s ticket costs, please check the Moovit app or RTCSNV’s official website.

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212 (RTCSNV)

The first stop of the 212 bus route is Wb Sunset After Pabco and the last stop is Eb Sunset After Fort Apache. 212 (212 Sunset Westbound) is operational during everyday.

Additional information: 212 has 72 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 82 minutes.

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212 - Alternative Directions

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