Facts and usage statistics about public transit in Hong Kong, China

Commute patterns by Light Rail, Subway, Bus, Ferry & Cable Car in Hong Kong - Statistics, Analytics and Usage Data

The Moovit Public Transit Index helps anyone discover how people in Hong Kong get around each day with public transit compared to other cities. Below you will find the average commute and wait time for riders, the distance people travel to get to work with public transit and the average distance people in Hong Kong walk each day. See which Light Rail, Subway, Bus, Ferry & Cable Car and stations are most popular in Hong Kong, and more!
Hong Kong has 5 transit type(s), including: Light Rail, Subway, Bus, Ferry & Cable Car, operated by several transit agencies, including 港鐵 MTR, 九巴 KMB, 城巴 CTB, 新巴 NWFB, 龍運巴士 LWB, 香港電車 Hong Kong Tramways, 天星小輪 Star Ferry & 山頂纜車 Peak Tram
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