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Bus - 53

53 Line

元朗形點 YOHO MALL (Yuen Long) - 荃灣(如心廣場) Tsuen Wan(Nina Tower)


KMB 53 bus Route Schedule and Stops (Updated)

The 53 bus (元朗形點 Yoho Mall (Yuen Long)) has 74 stops departing from 如心廣場總站 Nina Tower B/T and ending at 形點 I Yoho Mall I.

Choose any of the 53 bus stops below to find updated real-time schedules and to see their route map.

Direction: 元朗形點 Yoho Mall (Yuen Long) (74 stops)

  • 如心廣場總站 Nina Tower B/T

  • 荃灣富華街 Fu Wah Street Tsuen Wan

  • 荃景圍天橋 Tsuen King Circuit Flyover

  • 柴灣角街 Chai Wan Kok Street

  • 麗城花園第三期 Belvedere Garden Phase 3

  • 灣景花園 Bayview Garden

  • 翠景臺 Greenview Terrace

  • 油柑頭 Yau Kom Tau

  • 近水灣 Approach Beach

  • 南山游泳會 South Mountain Swimming Association

  • 汀九 Ting Kau

  • 麗都灣 Lido Beach

  • 海美灣 Hoi Mei Beach

  • 深井深慈街 Sham Tsz Street Sham Tseng

  • 碧堤半島 Bellagio

  • 深井村 Sham Tseng Village

  • 馬灣碼頭 MA Wan Pier

  • 浪翠園第三期 Sea Crest Villa Phase 3

  • 浪翠園第四期 Sea Crest Villa Phase 4

  • 青龍頭村 Tsing Lung Tau Tsuen

  • 豪景花園 Hong Kong Garden

  • 豪景花園商場 Hong Kong Garden Commercial Complex

  • 御天峰 Vista Cliff

  • 御海峰 Vista Cove

  • 嘉龍村 Ka Loon Tsuen

  • 屯門公路轉車站 Tuen Mun Road Interchange

  • 大欖涌 Tai Lam Chung

  • 小欖 Siu Lam

  • 小欖澄麗路 Ching Lai Road Siu Lam

  • 小欖村 Siu Lam Tsuen

  • 小欖新村 Siu Lam San Tsuen

  • 愛琴灣 the Aegean

  • 小秀上村 Siu Sau Sheung Tsuen

  • 龍珠島 Pearl Island

  • 香港黃金海岸 Hong Kong Gold Coast

  • 黃金泳灘 Golden Beach

  • 咖啡灣 Cafeteria Beach

  • 碧翠花園 Bayview Terrace

  • 青山灣碼頭 Castle Peak Pier

  • 三聖邨 Sam Shing Estate

  • 屯門兆麟政府綜合大樓 Tuen Mun Siu Lun Govt. Complex

  • 青善遊樂場 Tsing Sin Playground

  • 置樂花園 Chi LOK Fa Yuen

  • 華都花園 Waldorf Garden

  • 何福堂書院 Hoh Fuk Tong College

  • 庇護工場 Sheltered Workshop

  • 景峰花園 Prime View Garden

  • 屯門醫院(鳳地站) Tuen Mun Hospital (Fung Tei Station)

  • 彩暉花園 Brilliant Garden

  • 嶺南大學 Lingnan University

  • 富泰邨 Fu Tai Estate

  • 藍地站 Lam Tei Station

  • 青磚圍 Tsing Chuen Wai

  • 泥圍站 Nai Wai Station

  • 亦園村 Yick Yuen Tsuen

  • 鍾屋村站 Chung Uk Tsuen Station

  • 鄉事委員會 Rural Committee

  • 田心 Tin Sam

  • 新李屋村 San Lee Uk Tsuen

  • 新生村 San Sang Tsuen

  • 李屋村 Lee Uk Tsuen

  • 新屋村 San Uk Tsuen

  • 廈村市 Ha Tsuen Shi

  • 廈村 Ha Tsuen

  • 沙洲里村 Sha Chau Lei Tsuen

  • 天水圍站 Tin Shui Wai Station

  • 上章圍 Sheung Cheung Wai

  • 坑尾村 Hang Mei Tsuen

  • 屏山屏興里 Ping Hing Lane Ping Shan

  • 屏山 Ping Shan

  • 水邊圍邨 Shui Pin Wai Estate

  • 喜利徑 Hi Lee Path

  • 元朗谷亭街 Kuk Ting Street Yuen Long

  • 形點 I Yoho Mall I

53 FAQ

  • What time does the 53 bus start operating?

    Services on the 53 bus start at 00:15 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

  • What time does the 53 bus stop working?

    Services on the 53 bus stop at 23:45 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

  • What time does the 53 bus arrive?

    When does the 元朗形點 YOHO MALL (Yuen Long) - 荃灣(如心廣場) Tsuen Wan(Nina Tower) Bus line come? Check Live Arrival Times for live arrival times and to see the full schedule for the 元朗形點 YOHO MALL (Yuen Long) - 荃灣(如心廣場) Tsuen Wan(Nina Tower) Bus line that is closest to your location.

  • How much is the 53 (元朗形點 Yoho Mall (Yuen Long)) bus fare?

    The 元朗形點 YOHO MALL (Yuen Long) - 荃灣(如心廣場) Tsuen Wan(Nina Tower) (元朗形點 Yoho Mall (Yuen Long)) bus fare is $5.60 - $11.80.

  • Is there a 53 bus stop near me?

    Click here to view the nearest 53 bus stop.

53 bus Schedule

53 bus route operates everyday. Regular schedule hours: 00:15 - 23:45

DayOperating HoursFrequency (min)
Sun00:15 - 23:4530 - 35
Mon00:15 - 23:4530 - 35
Tue00:15 - 23:4530 - 35
Wed00:15 - 23:4530 - 35
Thu00:15 - 23:4530 - 35
Fri00:15 - 23:4530 - 35
Sat00:15 - 23:4530 - 35

KMB bus Service Alerts

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53 line bus fare

KMB 53 (元朗形點 Yoho Mall (Yuen Long)) ride fare is between $5.60 and $11.80. Prices may change based on several factors. For more information about KMB's ticket costs, please check the Moovit app or 九巴 KMB’s official website.

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53 (KMB)

The first stop of the 53 bus route is 如心廣場總站 Nina Tower B/T and the last stop is 形點 I Yoho Mall I. 53 (元朗形點 Yoho Mall (Yuen Long)) is operational during everyday.

Additional information: 53 has 74 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 88 minutes.

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